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Phone Systems

Advanced Phone Systems for Efficient Communication

System Programming:
4M Connect offers top trained Avaya professionals for your service needs. We specialize in Communications Manager as well as voice messaging systems such as Intuity Audix LX and Modular Messaging.

Our skilled professional services division can handle a wide range of programming needs. From simple programming requests to the most complex enterprise solutions. 4M Connect is a one stop shop for all of your programming requirements.

Project Management:
Our Project Managers provide a single point of contact who will work with your customers to schedule and coordinate all the required resources, such as Technicians, Software Specialists, and Trainers. They will supervise the project through to completion to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Project Managers will coordinate the appropriate technical resources based on the requirements of each projects. With a full understanding of the Avaya product line and a strong knowledge of the installation process, we continue to oversee successful results.

System Installation:
Whether your clients communications designs spans multiple sites or is serving one location, our expert technical staff installs systems in a timely and professional manner. All systems are assessed for optimal performance prior to going into production.

Administrative and End-User Training:
The System Administrator will be trained to perform day to day revisions to their system. Our experts will provide the proper training based on the applications that are associated within the system. At the end of each training, the administrator will be proficient to make any necessary changes as it relates to their business. In addition, our training experts will customize end user training based on the specific features administered during system installation. Therefore, end users will be able to fully utilize every feature assigned to them.

4M Connect Specialties:

  • Avaya Communication Manager
  • Avaya System Platform
  • System Migrations
  • Software/Firmware Upgrades
  • Call Center Design and Implementation (EAS/ACD)
  • Messaging-Communication Manager Messaging/Modular Messaging
  • IP Telephony (Strong Knowledge of HTTP, DHCP, and IP Settings files necessary for IP Telephony)
  • MBT – Midsize Business Template
  • AES – Application Enablement Server
  • SES – Session Enablement Server
  • IP Office
  • VM Pro
  • One – X Portal
  • One – X Mobile
  • Moves, adds, and changes
  • Wiring and Cabling
  • Also specialize in Merlin, Legend/Magix, Partner, Quick Edition, etc…

VoIP is an acronym for “Voice over Internet Protocol” and is a method of transmitting voice telephone messages over an IP (“Internet Protocol”) data network rather than a traditional telephone network. The data network in question can be the Internet or a company’s internal network.

Company ABC is a food manufacturing company with two locations on the East Coast and multiple salespeople throughout the United States. Working on legacy phone systems and analog phone lines at both locations, management felt limited by the lack of features and flexibility available to them with their current setup.

It became increasingly apparent that:

  • Their phone systems were inflexible and incompatible with each other while costing a few hundred dollars each month to maintain.
  • During peak hours, customers spent too much time on hold waiting to speak with a customer service representative. Company ABC was missing vital calls that resulted in unsatisfied customers and lost orders.
  • They were not providing their salespeople with all the tools and advantages necessary to increase revenue and to maximize their success.
  • They were overspending on their carrier bills each month because they were not aware of the latest offerings or best solution for them.

4M Connect worked closely with the customer to completely understand their business and their day to day activities and bring appropriate solutions to the table, explaining the costs, benefits, and negatives associated with each option. At the end of the day, 4M Connect implemented a VOIP system for Company ABC.

The result:

  • Both locations and each salesperson are brought together under one off-premise VOIP system, centrally managed through a GUI interface. It is simple to add, delete, or move users as needed with the click of a button. Everyone within the company can reach each other for free by dialing their four digit extensions. In addition, users can see who is on the phone, away from their phone, or on do not disturb resulting in better communication within the company.
  • Calls originating in the main office simultaneously ring in the satellite office offering an expanded pool of customer service representatives if needed. Should a call go unanswered after four rings in the main office, it is automatically answered in the satellite office and vice versa resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • The VOIP environment unifies each salesperson to ensure they are working at the highest levels possible. Every salesperson is provided their own number (direct inward dial) to give out to customers. Calls into the number ring simultaneously on their desk and cell phones, eliminating missed calls when on the road. Customers are experiencing increased response rates, resulting in better customer service and increased revenue.
  • By moving from an analog phone lines to a VOIP environment, Company ABC has reduced their carrier bill by 20%.

Let 4M Connect help your company achieve the optimal solution it needs.