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Superior Audio Solutions for Optimal Sound Experience

Usually tied into video is audio cabling is an important part of any type of solution. With experience installing Conference room cabling, intercoms, telephone VoIP, fire warning systems, and other audio based systems, 4M Connect will ensure a crisp, clear connection with quality sound.

Paging lets you dial a number, and all the phones in the group pick up automatically, go into hands free, and play through their speaker what the caller is saying. This is very useful in both a small and large office environment.

Paging and intercom systems help promote productive communications that is flexible enough for many setups. Hospitals, warehouses, commercial buildings, schools, and apartment complexes all are prime examples of where this technology becomes extremely useful. 4M Connects provides you with the right choice for your paging system whether it be overhead paging, public announcement, background music with paging override, paging alert system, emergency paging notifications (fire and evacuation).

Speaker systems are a great way to enjoy music, improve a video system, make important announcements, promote your business, or speak to a large audience. At 4M Connect we take pride in providing you only the best speaker systems with expert installation and support.

We have many years of experience and know that placement of your speakers will effect how the system performs. Furthermore, speaker placement is key to optimizing any sound system’s volume, audio distribution, and overall quality of the sound. We offer mounted (easily tilt, pivot and rotate), in-wall (hidden from view, take up less room) and wireless (free movement, no wire to run) speaker solutions.